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I’m Mia, a Northern California based artist. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I love the color purple, cats, anime, and sweet things! I’m a nineties kid who discovered manga/anime in middle school. When I picked up and read my first manga by Arina Tanemura, I immediately became obsessed with shoujo. Being a lover of romance is why I love to draw couples. I hope I’m able to spread that fluttery feeling you get while reading shoujo through my art.


The biggest reason I draw fanart is to create things I would love to see. Making merch based on my favorite fandoms is purely self-indulgent, but I’m happy when others love it as well. The first time selling at a convention and seeing people react excitedly to what I make is the reason why I started my own small business. I get to draw what I love, and it’s even better when others love it too! My dream is to do this full-time one day, so I hope you’ll keep supporting me. 


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