2021 Plans

Leaving 2020 in the dust, I have goals for 2021!

Just a few more sales until I can switch over to using my new gold foil business cards. I also upgraded my receipts that will be going out with new orders. It is double-sided and serves as a thank you card/receipt on the front and a print on the back. Feel free to keep and use the print, or just toss it out like you would with any receipt. My goal is to change the print every month, so you can try to collect them all if you want. They are only available on the receipt cards from any order from my shop.

I'm also trying to create at least one new merch item per month, and have more seasonal merch. I hope to have Christmas merch this year. I'll be working on Valentine's merch in Jan, so expect some new things in Feb! I aim to have a few more commission slots open again in Jan, so hopefully I can handle all that.

I would love to make enamel pins again in the future, I just don't know when. After I get some more sales to cover the costs I plan to design some. (I can't trust doing preorders through Etsy because they only give you a couple months to ship everything out ;;;)

tldr; Working on better packaging and more merch for 2021!

Happy New Year!


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